6 advantages of RFID to optimize the food sector

RFID en la alimentación

In the food sector it is very important that companies guarantee and certify the quality and freshness of the products. This bring certain problems for the industry, along with those caused by communication with suppliers or distribution times. This is why RFID technology in the food industry is so important. Find out why and what are the advantages of its implementation in the food sector.

Importance of RFID in the food industry

The production and distribution of food products is a challenge for the food industry for several reasons. On the one hand, as in the retail sector, we increasingly find consumers more aware and concerned about their food.

This is a problem for conventional companies that do not show their consumers the information about the processed products or foods that they make available to customers at the point of sale.

Another common concern in this sector is the need to respect current regulations on traceability, quality and food safety, something complex in this distribution model.

And in the last case, the control of inventories, the logistics process and the flow of food is necessary with greater precision than in other sectors.

It is for all these reasons that RFID is so important in the food industry. Learn about the advantages that RFID brings with Bionix Technologies.

RFID in food: 6 advantages to optimize your supply chain

How can we optimize the supply chain in the food sector? With the right RFID system for each company and needs of consumers, RFID provides many advantages for companies in this sector.

Identification and traceability

Traceability is a concept that we have talked about on our blog on several occasions. It is a very important term to understand how RFID works, so we invite you to read some of our articles to understand it better.

The identification of products through RFID tags allows us to know where the products are in real time and how much stock we have in total or by series of products. RFID in food helps to identify each and every one of the food products, boxes, trays and general merchandise.

With RFID we can also quickly and easily identify the expiration date, preferred consumption, lot number, variable weights, gross and net weight and all the information related to the conditions that the product needs, such as temperature and humidity among others.

Automatic inventory and entry control in warehouses

RFID helps reduce the labor required for counting and identifying products upon arrival at the warehouse. In addition, it reduces the number of errors and allows inventory management in real time.

Products that need to be in cold rooms and that are tagged using RFID provide a lot of information about the time the product has been in the cold room, the state of maturity or the maximum time that it can remain refrigerated.

All this is possible thanks to the Cixxonia platform from Bionix Technologies and other RFID solutions such as the handheld device.

Automatic control and counting of merchandise on conveyors and intralogistics systems

As we have mentioned, one of the problems of the industries that operate in this sector is to guarantee efficient delivery to stores or supermarkets and to manage the entire logistics network.

With RFID technology, it is easy to manage the entire flow of logistics operations and detect errors can be done in real time. By installing RFID devices adapted to each point of the supply chain, we can quickly and easily identify the pallets and packaging of agri-food products.

Control of productivity and merchandise in each phase of the process

Radio frequency identification and RFID systems, through RFID tags, allow obtaining a multitude of data in all sectors where RFID solutions can be implemented.

RFID in food helps to control the merchandise and guarantees the quality and traceability of the products. At Cixxonia we can configure the most important KPIs for our company and thus control and identify how we can optimize processes.

By stopping repetitive and routine tasks thanks to RFID, your employees can focus on managing problems that arise during the production process or any task that adds value to the product. The identification of the boxes, pallets and products allows that, if it is necessary, to withdraw a batch of products, and this can be done reducing losses.

Control of expeditions and shipments

Distribution centers prepare dispatch and shipments more quickly thanks to the RFID solutions.

The supply is thus carried out without errors or crossed or duplicate orders, that is to say; with greater accuracy and affecting the benefits and customer satisfaction.

In the store or supermarket, once the boxes and pallets arrive, RFID allows again the verification of the identifications of their packages, contrasting the information with the distribution center.

Recirculation of packaging and control of supplier or customer cycles

In the food industry, plastic boxes and pallets are reused after sale after a disinfection process.

Plastic boxes and pallets, being correctly identified with the RFID tag, allow us to carry out a verification process. We can detect mismatches in the number of boxes sent and returned, reducing the number of lost packages.

Bionix Technologies, the solution for the food sector

At Bionix we are experts in the food sector. We implement the best RFID solutions adapting to all our clients, from small companies to the largest, always assessing the needs of each client to optimize their supply chain as much as possible.

Do not hesitate. Contact Bionix Technologies now and start exploiting the benefits of RFID technology to the full.

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