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RFID Technology for perishable product management

How does RFID technology help you improve perishable product management?

A perishable food or product is one that, due to its composition, has a rapid decomposition process. They must be stored, conserved and transported according to certain characteristics (temperature, light, humidity, oxygen, etc.) to guarantee their optimal state for consumption.

RFID technology plays a fundamental role in the food industry as it provides real-time data that guarantees product traceability, making it easier for companies to comply with food safety regulations.

Expiration dates and perishable product management

Perishable products have a very short life cycle, which is why efficient inventory management at the item level is critical to customer service and business profitability.

Retailers are always struggling between delivering the freshest items to their customers and distributing products with a minimum shelf life to avoid product expiration.

With the use of RFID technology and the expiration alert system, you will be able to better manage your stock avoiding obsolescence and losses.

Information from the origin of the product to the consumer

Perishable product traceability and consumer information are essential for consumer satisfaction and safety. Thank to the use of RFID tags and the Cixxonia platform, the consumer will be able to access all the information of the product’s supply chain, from its origin to the shelf at the point of sale, giving complete visibility to the entire supply chain.

Importance of end-to-end traceability of the perishable with BIONIX

BIONIX offers a perishable product inventory management platform that allows total control of each item and expiration dates for efficient management in warehouses and shelves. The BIONIX CIXXONIA platform allows:

  • Identify each item individually
  • Have a complete traceability of the product from the origin to the shelf
  • Carry out inventories very quickly and efficiently using the RFID handheld device, both in the warehouse and at the sales area
  • Identify expiration dates of items to reduce waste and losses
  • Record in real time the information of each product and its position in the supply chain

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