RFID in the Health sector

An RFID system has three main uses

Control of sanitary material, patient control and access control of personnel to restricted areas.

The use of RFID systems in the health industry has lots of advantages. Thanks to this technology, it is possible to have total control of the location and quantity of materials, guarantee patients safety and have better control of personnel. This will improve global management, increasing the efficiency and speed of the system, reducing costs and offering a comprehensive quality service to the patient.

How to use RFID technology in Hospitals and Health?

Control of sanitary material

A large volume of information is contained in the RFID tag. Our devices can automatically read the information and offer a complete monitoring and traceability of assets such as appliances, prostheses, surgical equipment, etc. and data about expiration date.

The use of RFID also makes inventory easier. Due to automatic identification, times are reduced and information is obtained in real time which improve stock management and guarantee patient safety.

Control and monitoring of patients

Another benefits of using RFID in the healthcare field is that facilitates the identification and monitoring of patients, improving management and making work more efficiently and precisely. The correct dosage of medicines and applied treatments is guaranteed. In turn, all this information is updated automatically and in real time, reducing administrative work and avoiding errors.

Access control of healthcare personnel

An interesting application of RFID technology in hospitals lies in the control and monitoring of health personnel in certain areas, such as restricted areas. In this way, you can make more efficient the cost of health personnel and hours of attention and make human resources management more efficient.

“Thanks to the Bionix universe and our devices, you will be able to have all the critical points of your hospital, clinic, pharmacy, healthcare or geriatric centre controlled and improve its efficiency and performance. The traceability granted by RFID will allow you to guarantee security for all users. “

Benefits of using RFID solutions in the Health Industry

  • 1. Reduction of errors and improvement of the efficiency of the center and health personnel. Thanks to the use of RFID technology, hospitals or health centers can be managed in a smarter and more efficient way, offering better and safer results.
  • 2. Saving time and money for health institutions. The automated control provided by RFID technology reduces management time by staff and translates into direct economic savings.
  • 3. Greater control over medications. Both at the inventory and location level and due to their expiration date, inventory control and stock increases in products properly labeled with RFID.
  • 4. Increased safety for both healthcare workers and patients. Thanks to the access control of healthcare personnel and the monitoring of patients so that they receive the correct dose of medication.
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