RFID Devices

Advanced analytics and intelligent devices for Supply Chain Data Driven improvement

We offer a comprehensive set of RFID devices that cover all the item identification needs along the supply chain, from the manufacturer to the store.

Each RFID device covers a specific application and has been designed to simplify installation and commissioning as much as possible. The objective of BIONIX is to democratize the implementation of RFID in companies of any size, and therefore all RFID devices are easy to install, easy to use and easy to maintain.

All our RFID devices are integrated with the BIONIX Cloud platform Cixxonia, so that the information of the transactions made at each item control point is automatically updated on the Cloud platform for efficient supply chain management. In this way, you will be able to access all data from any location and in real time and know the flow of your entire supply chain.
RFID Tunnel RFID Portal RFID Desktop RFID Handheld RFID Point of Sales RFID Overhead RFID Cabinet RFID Xinoid Reader
Connected to Cixxonia Platform? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Installation Fast and easy Fast and easy Fast and easy Fast and easy Fast and easy Fast and easy Fast and easy Fast and easy
Where can it be implanted?

– Distribution center

– Warehouse

– Distribution center

– Warehouse

– Doors

– Loading docks

– Distribution center

– Warehouse

– Store

– Distribution center

– Warehouse

– Store

– Store – Doors
– passing areas
– Store

– Warehouse

– Hospitals

– Health centers

– Security rooms

It is the heart of any RFID device
Functionalities Read and identify large volume of boxed goods Identification and control of a large number of articles Identify multiple items automatically. Specially designed for online order verification

– Inventories

– Verify entries and dispatcs

– Locate items

– Identify items

– Recode an specific tag

Identify every item involved in the sale process Loss prevention in stores and item control in cross doors

– Inventory management

– Access control

– Asset control

Manage all the RFID data

With RFID devices you can cover different needs of the supply chain. At Bionix Technologies we cover different sectors where to implement our devices and improve your results: industry, retail and health. It is time to improve your business figures thanks to the innovation of Bionix Technologies.

tunel rfid

RFID Tunnel Station

This device has been designed for reading and checking items with RFID tags in different environments.

It is used to verify goods receipt and shipments in distribution centers and warehouses. It can check if orders are correct in a matter of seconds, avoiding opening the boxes and manual verification.

We have several options and features fully customizable to easily adapt the devices to the speed and automation needs of your supply chain. Its large number of options and configuration parameters make it the ideal equipment for checking items in outbound and inbound flows in any industry.

The RFID Tunnel is fully integrated with our Cixxonia platform, so that the information of all transactions on the device is automatically updated and centralized to improve control and management.

Tunnel Station w/ conveyor
RFID Tunnel Station
tunel rfid
dispositivos rfid

RFID Portal

The RFID Portal has been designed to identify and control a large number of items in transit areas such as loading docks, doors, movements within the warehouse, etc.

Its installation is very simple and fast and allows the total automation of the control of items on pallets, hanging clothes, boxes with high flow, etc. Its robust design allows its easy installation and integration in all kind of industrial environments.

The RFID Portal is fully integrated with our Cixxonia platform, so that the information of all transactions on the device is automatically updated and centralized to improve control and management.

BNX-5010 Slim Portal
BNX-5020 RFID Portal
Dispositivo de mesa

RFID Desk Station

With the Bionix Desk Station devices you will be able to automatically identify multiple RFID items included in bags and boxes. It is used in order preparation processes and shipment verification, both to online customers or to the stores.
We have two versions, one built into a table and the other external that you can place wherever you want.

Both RFID Desk Station are fully integrated with our Cixxonia platform, so that the information of all transactions on the device are automatically updated and centralized to improve control and management.

BNX-5030 RFID Desk Station
BNX-5032 RFID Desk Station G2
dispositivo de mano rfid

RFID Handheld

Our RFID Handheld is the ideal complement for agile and efficient stock management in the warehouse and store. It has been designed to simplify its use and offer unique features in terms of ergonomics, battery life, reliability and handling.

This device can do inventories, receptions or shipments, locate items, count merchandise, identify products and recode tags.

The RFID Handheld uses our mobile app Scanppy and is fully integrated with the Cixxonia platform, so that the information of all transactions on the device is automatically updated and centralized to improve control and management.

UHF RFID Sled Reader
UHF RFID Mobile Computer
mesa rfid

RFID POS (Point of Sales)

The RFID POS has been designed to automatically identify items that the customer is going to buy, speeding up the sale process, reducing waiting times and improving the user experience in the store.

This device can be integrated into a table or at the sales counter and is connected via USB to the POS system of the store. It is easy to install and does not require maintenance.

mesa rfid

RFID Overhead system

High performance Overhead System for RFID Loss prevention applications.

State-of-the-art RFID reader for loss prevention in stores and item control in cross doors in any location.

Its unique and minimalist design makes it the perfect RFID device for installation in all types of doors and points of sale. Get a totally barrier free entry at your point of sale, with a unique customer experience.

It can be used as stand alone RFID EAS system or as a complement for traditional security systems already in place.

The installation is very simple, with the possibility of ceiling or wall mounting.

armario rfid

RFID Cabinet

The Bionix Cabinet is a RFID based system for inventory management with access control.

This device helps healthcare personnel to control consumable, high-cost materials and materials with high traceability requirements.

Main features:

Rapid Retun On Investment
  • Restricted access to high value medical supplies and consumables and reduction of unknown losses
  • Product expiration control
  • Total inventory control
  • Real-time identification of the entire flow of materials, since they arrived at the hospital, until they are implanted to a patient
  • Traceability of the entire supply chain operations, identifying costs and personnel involved
Improvements for the health system and health personnel
  • Efficiency in the process of selecting and assigning materials to personnel and patients
  • Automatic replenishment orders
  • Elimination of processes with low added value
Efficiency, visibility and inventory control
  • Avoid any incident when manually recording data of goods receipt or issue and inventory management
  • Reduce time of inventory and control of the expiration dates
Improvement of hospital management
  • Provides essential information for making strategic decisions on supplies and replacement, as well as losses
  • Easy access to information through management reports
  • Quick and easy integration with hospital management systems
BNX-7000 RFID Cabinet
armario rfid
lector rfid

RFID Xinoid Reader

The RFID Xinoid reader is the heart of the Bionix system. We design, develop and manufacture our own reader to be able to personalize the applications and offer always the best solution to every problem.

With Xinoid RAIN RFID Reader any integrator or programmer will be able to access fully open application ecosystem to develop their specific needs or integrate with an external system of their choice.

Powered by AM3358 1-GHz Sitara™ ARM® Cortex®-A8 32-Bit RISC Processor, 512 Mbytes eMMC Flash and 512 Mbytes SDRAM DDR3, with a Debian 10 OS, is positioned as the ideal platform for the development of RFID applications in all kinds of applications and industries.

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