How to avoid out-of-Stock with RFID?

evitar rotura stock

How can you avoid stock outs in your business? The answer is very simple: Thanks to RFID technology.

Tracking stock and inventory in a traditional way requires a great effort, which is why technologies have been created – such as RFID in this case – so that actions such as replanishment, placing and order fulfillment are simple and with minimal errors and cost.

In addition, the use of RFID technologies allows you to have valuable information that you can use to make strategic decisions that further boost your business.

How does RFID technology help us avoid out-of-stock?

We can help you implement RFID technology in your business to avoid stock outs. To do this, making use of labels / tags we can achieve fast delivery, monitoring and anti-theft security, automatic replenishments … To sum up, a stock and inventory control that enables the reduction of errors and costs. If you want to know more about labels, in this post on our blog we will tell you everything in detail.

Fast delivery, tracking and security with alarm

Out of stock happens when a company or point of sale does not have updated stock. This can cause two situations: that the company stops selling items that it has in store because it does not know that it has them or that it sells items (especially online) that it does not have in store. How does RFID help prevent this? If all merchandise movement actions are controlled (entries, exits, transfers, movements, etc.) and in addition, inventories are made, all the stock is updated and reliable. In this way, we will never have the case of having (or not having) something in the warehouse without knowing it.

RFID tags also allow the incorporation of anti-theft protection systems. In the case of the textile and retail sectors in general, it is an alarm that is easily deactivated at the checkout and in just a few seconds before delivering the product to the customer.

The implementation of this technology also makes it possible to significantly reduce the number of errors in the shipment of goods to stores and accelerate the process of acceptance of deliveries in individual logistics centers.

Ressuply under control.

Can RFID technology give us more information? And it is! An example, continuing with the textile sector, is that we can monitor consumer trends. As it is a technology that allows you to track each item from when it leaves the warehouse until it is sold in the store, it helps to measure the performance of a product with customers; that is, its trends (which product is bought the most, for example).

Integration of the information management system with modern RFID tags can help teams automatically request stock replenishment for a specific destination. If the entire process, from the stock order to the customer payment, is integrated into a single system, our human capital will not have to spend their time tracking down new items or finding out why some products are not available to customers.

Control and management of stock and inventory

The first thing we have to be clear about is: What is stock management? We are talking about all those operations that regulate the merchandise in a company (entering the stock in the warehouse, maintenance, ordering and inventory of the same, traceability and exit of stocks).

With an RFID system, the capture of up-to-date information and the distribution of the latest data are automated. For companies struggling with inventory management, RFID from Bionix Technologies provides clear benefits by reducing labor costs, eliminating human error, and tracking upstream supplies and downstream fulfillment processes.

What benefits does RFID tagging have in stock control or inventory?

1 | Human intervention takes a backseat

A user is not required to be in charge of registering an in or out from the warehouse, since the registration is automatic by RFID antennas. This way we avoid human errors and reduce labor costs.

2 | Faster reading and registration of multiple containers at the same time

In a warehouse we can know what is in a box or a pallet without having to open them thanks to the use of RFID.

3 | Stock status

It automates the management of the stock in real time and allows you to have a record of when the merchandise entered, when it left and where it is at all times.

4 | Avoid a bottleneck

Avoid excessive times for an entry or exit of material, since with RFID it is done automatically, making the automatic registration of the movement in your inventory.

We highlight that this RFID technology is helping to increase the efficiency of the supply chain in:

● Construction projects with better material and equipment management.

● Retail operations by helping to trace products from origin to final destination.

● Warehousing and distribution processes by providing information on inventory movements.

● Logistics monitoring, which enables teams to respond to changes (such as stockouts) quickly and limit operational disruptions.

● Limit damage to products that use shock sensors included in the RFID tagging system.

The costs associated with RFID tagging have dropped in recent years and continue to do so. The benefits of more efficient stock control and improved security make it particularly attractive to retailers, wholesalers or distributors who stock a wide range of items, and to manufacturers who produce series of products for different customers.

You can use the RFID technology that we offer at Bionix Technologies to manage your stock and track, organize and store items throughout supply chains. This will help you to be more efficient and reduce human errors, personnel and operational costs, but also avoid expenses in solving unforeseen events.

Do not hesitate to contact us and request any information you need to start revolutionizing your supply chain.

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