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RFID Open Platform for developers

XINOID RFID devices are fully open for developers and integrators. Our goal is to democratize the RFID technology, in any company, in any sector, and we believe in an open world to adapt and explode the capabilities of RFID to every personalized application.

Any integrator or programmer will be able to access this ecosystem of devices and applications to develop their specific needs or integrate with external systems of their choice.

Goals of using open XINOID RFID Devices

With this strategic decision our company seeks to achieve two objectives:

Offer the possibility that any third-party integrator or developer can install their own applications on BIONIX XINOID RFID devices.
Provide free-of-charge a set of tools that allow to accelerate the development of own and personalized RFID applications.

How to work with open XINOID RFID tools?

Getting started with XINOID RFID tools is very simple. It is enough to have a XINOID RFID reader with its powerful AM3358 1-GHz Sitara™ ARM® Cortex®-A8 32‑Bit RISC Processor, an antenna and access the repository with the examples to start working.

Check this link to access GitHUB repository

Our dream is to build a huge community to take RFID everywhere with every item connected to the cloud, in every sector.

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Casos de éxito

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Enfoque del proyecto



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