How to do an inventory in less time and reducing costs


RFID technology offers multiple solutions for industrial automation. Among them, we highlight inventory automation, which implies a series of improvements and benefits to companies in terms of both time and cost reduction.

As you already know, an inventory is a document in which all the belongings of an individual or a company are reflected in a certain period of time.

Now it is possible to have total control over inventory thanks to our technology from Bionix Technologies, in which we combine RFID, IoT and AI to be able to trace in real time the exact location of each product throughout the supply chain.

In order to carry out an always updated inventory, reducing time and costs, we have to resort to advanced technologies such as RFID and combine it with software that we offer at Bionix Technologies, as we show in this post on how to automate inventory management.

Inventory Digitization: Now Possible with Bionix’s Cixxonia

When it comes to taking inventory, many entrepreneurs still believe that it is a tedious and manual task. Thanks to RFID technology and software such as Cixxonia, it is no longer required that any user be in charge of registering goods in or out of the warehouse. The stock is read and controlled automatically.

The combination of these technologies (RFID and Cixxonia) that we offer at Bionix enables the digitization and automation of inventory and stock control.

But… What is Cixxonia?

Cixxonia is state-of-the-art software that enables supply chain professionals to optimize the actual flow of operations, from the supplier to the store, through the distribution center.

This tool helps us achieve a unified inventory, based on accurate data and in real time. This data is uploaded from RFID devices located throughout the entire supply chain, at the supplier, the distribution center and the stores.

Cixxonia, in short, gives us total control of inventories and the supply chain to improve customer service, reduce costs and increase sales.

Scanppy: How to take inventory in less time and reduce costs

At Bionix we have developed the Scanppy app to be able to make and manage inventories.

It is a mobile app designed for agile and efficient stock management, both in warehouses and stores.

For its correct operation, the Scanppy App must be installed on an Android device and, combined with our RFID handheld device, you will be able to obtain a powerful tool to improve efficiency in inbound and outbound logistics, replenishment, and warehouse counting, the location and identification of items.

One of Scanppy’s star features is inventory counting and replenishment.

Item counting becomes easier and faster with Scanppy, significantly reducing time and costs, as it allows thousands of items to be counted in minutes, improving stock accuracy.

Scanppy allows you to easily know the store’s stock, remove items from the warehouse and register them in the commercial area, as well as activate alarms when the stock is at a minimum, making the replenishment task easier and more efficient.

If you are looking to improve the user experience and increase the sales of your business, do not forget to ensure that the store has the appropriate stock. One more reason to have a controlled and automated inventory.

How can having a correct inventory benefit us when reducing costs?

Although throughout this post we have talked to you about how to reduce costs and the advantages of automation and time reduction, there are many more benefits than you can enjoy from having your business inventory automated.

1 | Avoid sales failures

By having a correct inventory and having the stock of the items under control, when a client asks you for a specific item, you will have the data reliably. You will thus avoid giving wrong information, selling products that you do not have or stop marketing others that you had saved without knowing it, in addition to causing a feeling of disorder to the customer.

You will thus improve the user experience.

2 | Acquire the necessary items

If the stock control is not up to date and based on the data you have, it is likely that when making purchases or acquiring new items you may be short or even buy a larger quantity than you need.

In this way, you will avoid unnecessary costs and you will have a stock control appropriate to your needs and those of your customers.

3 | Reduction of losses and damages

If an old item does not rotate or the stock is not emptied at the usual rate, it runs the risk of being damaged and becoming a loss to the company.

It is important to keep the stock healthy to be able to make timely decisions against items for which there is low demand.

4 | Reduce risk of theft

Not having proper inventory control can lead to petty thefts that end up affecting cash flow, that is, the profitability and profits of the company.

5 | Planning. Cash flow

As we have seen with the Cixxonia and Scanppy tools, with correct inventory management you can instantly obtain information about the stock, KPIs and relevant information about your business.

With this information obtained, you optimize the purchasing cycles and help to plan payments according to the needs of the company.

Good planning generates benefits throughout the supply chain.

6 | Safety first

In sectors such as the hospital, large quantities of delicate items such as medication, prostheses, etc. are handled. It is important for these types of activities to have an updated inventory at all times in order to guarantee the safety and tranquility of both workers and patients.

By updating the inventory automatically, we avoid human errors that in certain sectors can cause serious damage.

Best of all, thanks to RFID technology and our devices, these inventories can be carried out in a matter of minutes, without the need to have a visual contact with the articles and being able to access the information in real time. Eliminate those tedious manual inventories and have to paralyze the company for days! Automate this process now with RFID.

Bionix Technologies RFID solutions will help you manage inventory, reduce time and costs, in order to increase profitability and control over your company.

On our website you have more information about all our RFID solutions and RFID devices.

At Bionix Technologies we adapt to the needs of our clients, do not hesitate to contact us whatever your sector. We will help you to obtain a high level of industrial automation. What are you waiting for? Contact now!

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