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Asset management with RFID

Control your company's assets using RFID

RFID offers a simple and cost-effective platform to identify and control assets while allowing you to automate processes and reduce costs.

The assets of a company are one of the largest investments of the company. From computers to construction tools to high-value equipment, the challenge is not just how to keep track of their location, but also to make sure they are regularly inspected and maintained, as well as audited for accounting purposes.

Identify and trace assets automatically

The BIONIX asset management system allows individual assets to be tracked through the use of RFID tags attached to them.

The tags are read by fixed scanners installed on doors and other key points or by personnel using mobile phones or RFID handheld devices. Every time a tag is read, the central database on the CIXXONIA platform is automatically updated for real-time tracking.

Because the system can identify items and assets leaving or returning to a site, it is ideal for rental companies, construction sites with tools that must be registered, or offices with confidential files that must remain in one location.

RFID systems can also improve occupational health and safety requirements, allowing you to manage inspection and service requirements and improve accountability by identifying which staff member verified a particular item and on what date.

Benefits of the asset management solution through BIONIX RFID technology

With the BIONIX asset management solution you can know everything about your assets:

  • Where is every item and where is it supposed to be?
  • If it has been inspected and certified according to specification
  • Check your service history and when the next inspection is due
  • What is the expected useful life of the asset
  • What is the cost of ongoing maintenance and if it would be better to replace it
  • What is the value of each updated asset

Regular asset audits quickly and easily

With the implementation of an asset management solution with RFID, it is very easy to carry out periodic inventories of assets, guaranteeing the integrity of the information with the accounting system. The Cixxonia platform is also integrated with the ERP, so that the information is always perfectly up-to-date.

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