RFID in the Retail industry

A global RFID solution to improve your business in the retail industry

At Bionix, through all our RFID solutions, we help retailers to increase sales, reduce costs and optimize their supply chain, warehouse and store management processes, both physically and online.

Why implement RFID solutions in the retail sector?








Improve the traceability of a product by applying RFID technology in your supplier network.

Distribution center

RFID solutions applied to logistics and distribution centers, product reception and exit controls.


Apply RFID technology in the store to increase stock control, reduce errors and favor decision-making.


Improve sales through a good, agile and reliable service in your ecommerce, it will increase customer satisfaction and improve their experience.

5 benefits of implementing RFID in the retail sector

In recent years the use of RFID technology has become more and more widespread. Not only are large companies using it, but small and medium-sized companies are gradually adopting the use of this system as a mechanism to improve their processes and business. From Bionix we offer tailored solutions which will provide important benefits:

Boost sales

The main objective of investing in RFID is to improve the visibility and reliability of the stock, which will lead to an increase in sales, both physical and online, by having an integrated, real and reliable stock in real time.

Reduction of operating costs

Thanks to the use of RFID, the time and cost associated with reception, storage and shipments is significantly reduced, both in the distribution centre and in the store, also eliminating possible errors and improving customers satisfaction and loyalty.

Full control of your supply chain

A RFID system allows you to have a better knowledge of the entire production chain thanks to the multiple control points that can be incorporated and that offer you a wide range of data. Companies use this data to create reports about the management of the entire chain -logistics, production or sales- and thus improve their business results.


With RFID you will obtain a full product visibility from scratch, guaranteeing customer safety all the time. Thanks to the reliable and real-time information of the product record you will be able to carry out a more efficient management of your distribution chain and amend incidents that may arise in a shorter period of time. In sectors such as food or health, it is vitally important to know the packaging and expiration dates in order to guarantee consumer safety.

Inventory improvement

Inventory management is improved by having all critical points in the supply chain under control. Thanks to RFID technology, inventories can be made in a matter of minutes and periodically, which will allow you to know the availability of the product, speed up its replacement, avoid errors and stock breakages and therefore, increase your sales and reduce time and costs. This is possible thanks to the capacity and speed of reading of our RFID devices that allow to identify multiple articles simultaneously and even remotely.

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