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BIONIX works with companies of different sectors to improve their inventory management and supply chain processes through the use of RFID technology and the Cixxonia platform.

The digital transformation of the supply chain with RFID allows to improve the speed, efficiency and accuracy of all logistics processes, from the supplier to the point of sale.

Phases of an RFID project

The phases for the success of any BIONIX RFID project are as follows:

Definition of use cases and process map

In this phase, a BIONIX team together with the client make a complete map of the inventory management processes and the impact of RFID technology and the CIXXONIA platform for the improvement of each process.

Implementation and training

The implementation of all RFID control devices and software is carried out in coordination with the customer's operations, logistics, IT and maintenance departments, following a detailed planning of phases and milestones.

At the end of the installation and commissioning, detailed training is conducted on the use of the devices and software to make the user experience the best possible.

Design and development of the solution

Once the use cases and the impact on the improvement of the processes have been defined, a design of the hardware, software and taging solution is carried out for each product line. Subsequently, the development of both software and specific hardware devices is carried out if necessary.

Support and continuous improvement of processes

BIONIX accompanies its clients in improving inventory traceability and supply chain processes. The visibility and control of all the articles provided by CIXXONIA allows us to constantly evaluate performance and define continuous improvement actions in different areas.

Evaluate the technical and economic feasibility of an RFID project in your company

In those sectors and applications that require a customized solution, BIONIX offers the possibility of carrying out, at a very low cost, an on-site proof of concept.

This proof of concept is carried out at the client’s premises and makes it possible to assess whether the application of RFID technology and the CIXXONIA platform is technically and economically feasible for the specific environment and the risks associated with its implementation.

In this case, BIONIX works with the client to carry out a pilot with basic functionalities and in a controlled environment that allows obtaining real and reliable conclusions on viability.

Phases of the proof of concept:

Use case analysis

Map of the process and impact on improvement through RFID technology

Selection of the RFID tag

Depending on the type of product and the reading environment, the best adapted solution is proposed to guarantee product traceability

Conclusions and final report

At the end of the period defined for the proof of concept, the conclusions and the result are evaluated, both at a technical level, in the improvement of the processes obtained, associated risks and profitability of the project.

Flow of materials and necessary control points

Definition of necessary hardware and control points and user interfaces

Proof of concept on site

BIONIX installs the devices, tags, and software for a limited-time test at the customer's premises, allowing real-world performance to be evaluated

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