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RFID in Retail
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RFID for logistics and the distribution centre

Now you can improve the operation of your distribution network and the logistics of your business by implementing RFID solutions. Industrial automation through RFID has endless benefits, it will help you minimize errors, reduce time and improve item management.

Benefits of installing an RFID system at the distribution centre

By implementing a system based on RFID technology, you get complete visibility into the supply chain.

Incorporating RFID devices from Bionix Technologies in your supply chain will bring you many advantages:

Bionix industria

Improvement in inbound and outbound logistic management

By using RFID technology you will reduce the time of inbound and outbound logistics processes from the distribution centre. You will also have control over the movements of items at the warehouse. Thanks to Bionix RFID devices, you will reduce labor and improve the information management of each product in the ERP through automation.

Proper inventory management

As each item is perfectly tagged with its RFID tag, it is much easier to keep strict inventory control and warehouse management.

Reduce common mistakes

Avoid making mistakes at the diferent phases of the supply chain, such as:

  • Errors not detected in the reception of merchandise from suppliers and in shipments to stores or customers.
  • Inventories inaccuracy.
  • Low frecuency of inventory due to its complexity and cost/time.
  • Unknown product losses.

Control of suppliers

RFID technology allows indirect control of suppliers, since you can check order status in real time and check if there have been errors, delays or any incident.

All the benefits of industrial automation allows you to take faster decisions to solve problems that arise very day.

How does RFID work in the distribution centre?

The use of RFID solutions at the distribution centre will let you trace every item from its origin until it is sold. Each item incorporates a smart tag (RFID tag) that allows to automatically identify all the required information.


Reliability and quickness in merchandise reception, avoiding possible errors. Differences between the purchase order and the merchandise received are detected immediately and the loss associated with errors in entries is reduced. Capturing data automatically will give you access to key information in real time, reducing administrative work.


Reliability and total control of the stock from any location and in real time. Possibility of having a unified stock for operations in physical and online stores, which will avoid possible stock breakage.


Rapidity in shipments verifications to the store or end customer, avoiding mistakes -as it is checked directly against the shipping order- and increasing customer satisfaction.


Periodic inventories are done faster, improving their accuracy and reliability. The data provided by the system (inventory time, periodicity, number of items, references, etc.) will allow you to better plan your business strategy and resources.

The use of RFID solutions will reduce the resources required to manage the supply chain and also eliminate the time wasted in recording data manually that add no value to the product. You will increase the efficiency of all operations tasks and know the traceability of products along all the supply chain.

Cixxonia Plataform: data management from the supply chain

Thanks to the Cixxonia Platform from Bionix Technologies you will have all the information on the status of the supply chain, which will allow you to optimize the operations flow, from its origin in the supplier to the final store, passing through the distribution center.

Cixxonia makes easier the decision making process and data analysis. The best part is that you can access to information everywhere and anytime since it is a cloud based platform.

  • KPIs and Advanced Analytics.
  • Online sales verification and improve delivery performance.
  • Inventory and stock management.
  • Supplier performance.
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