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SCANPPY is a mobile app designed for an agile and efficient stock management in the warehouse and in the store.

Installed on an Android device and combined with our RFID handheld device, it offers a powerful tool for improving efficiency in inbound logistics, replenishment, warehouse counting, location and identification of items.

SCANPPY is fully integrated with the BIONIX Cloud platform CIXXONIA, so all the information in each warehouse and in each store is fully integrated for an integrated supply chain management, from the manufacturer to the store.


Inbound logistics, order verification

Both in the distribution center and in the store. SCANPPY allows you to verify the boxes that arrive at the entrance and check that all the items are correct. Using this powerful tool, you will be always sure that the inventory you have is correct and up-to-date.

Inventory cycle counting

Cycle inventory counting is really easy and effective with SCANPPY. You can count thousands of items in minutes, improving even more the accuracy of your stocks. With this tool you can also automatically upload the results to the cloud platform in order to consolidate stocks.


Item reading

Esta opción permite leer una serie de etiquetas para identificar los datos reales que contiene. Es muy potente para gestionar una gran cantidad de elementos en una ubicación específica.

Item location

Due to every item has a unique RFID ID, SCANPPY can track a trace a single item. This is very powerful for operations in store, working with SCANPPY you can very easily locate a specific article the customer is requesting, on real time.


Tag identification

Sometimes you need to check what is encoded in a tag in the store, or you find a lost tag you need to reassign to the right garment. With this module you can perform this task very effectively.

Tag encoding

SCANPPY is also ready to encode tags. You can define as parameters the information you need to encode in the label, and SCANPPY will record the data in the tag memory.


With SCANPPY you can easily know the store’s stock, remove items from the warehouse and add them to the store surface, making the replenishment task easier and more efficient. Ensuring that the store is full of stock improves the user experience and increases sales.

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