RFID in Retail

Apply RFID technology with your network of Suppliers

The traceability of products and raw materials throughout the supply chain is increasingly important. Thanks to the use of RFID solutions, you can know the situation of the stocks in real time. In addition, it allows you to solve any stock breakage and manage orders with your network of suppliers without incident.

At Bionix Technologies we have the solution to transform the supply chain. Take advantage of the benefits and increase the productivity of your business thanks to RFID technology.

What are the advantages of using RFID for a supplier?

Nowadays, there are many retailers that require the use of RFID technology from the manufacturers/suppliers of their products. In addition to meeting the requirements of your client, the use of RFID will provide you with a great series of advantages:

  • Reduction of time in the preparation and verification of shipments to the customer, avoiding mistakes
  • Greater control of your logistics providers, since in case of incidents you will know in which part of the process the error has taken place
  • Increase your competitiveness
  • Reduction of costs associated with the time invested in orders verification
  • Fast delivery times

Traceability of the shipment of an item is essential to improve management and decision-making during the different phases of the supply chain.

Product traceability

Product traceability makes it possible to record and identify all the information about a product from its origin to its final destination.

Maintaining the location of an item will provide greater efficiency in the different phases, reducing the cost of errors and ensuring better customer service.

The aim of traceability is to be able to locate any product within the supply chain. The products are marked from their origin with RFID tags. The different RFID devices, located at the different points of the supply chain, then read these labels and collect all the necessary information.

Why is product traceability important?

Thanks to the use of smart tags (RFID TAG) and RFID devices from Bionix Technologies, you can have full traceability of items throughout the supply chain, improve your competitiveness and provide a better response to your customers.

Bionix industria

How does RFID work for a supplier?

Once all the items have been tagged and thanks to the integration of the Bionix universe with your management system, you can automatically verify each shipment to the customer against the purchase order, without having to verify the merchandise manually and thus avoiding errors and lose customers. You will have total reliability and you will know at all times where your products are.

Shipments to clients

Reliability and speed in the loading processes thanks to the automatic verification of outgoing shipments. Potential incidents that generate costs and time to solve them are eliminated and competitiveness is increased, avoiding customer dissatisfaction.


Consistency and total control of the stock from any location and in real time. Ability to locate items in the warehouse quickly and easily (which also facilitate order preparation). Possible production cuts due to lack of stock are also avoided.
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