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RFID solutions for the Pharmaceutical sector

Safety and total quality thank to item level stock control

Safety and quality are two essential requirements for the pharmaceutical sector. Drug agencies are increasingly establishing more regulation and demanding greater control of the entire process to ensure patient safety.

RFID for pharmacies allows to identify and trace any pharmaceutical product at the item level, guaranteeing traceability, visibility and monitoring of the production process.

How does RFID technology work within the pharmaceutical industry?

Drug reading optimization

Optimizing the entire drug logistics process through the use of RFID technology is very important.

Each box of medicine and each transport packaging equipped with an RFID tag allows full traceability of the supply chain.

The inputs and outputs of the product from the central warehouse to the pharmacies are carried out automatically, periodic inventories are immediate and replacement times are improved.

RFID allows efficient and real-time management of the integrated stock throughout the distribution chain, improving response times and reducing costs.

Greater data storage

The integrated management of the entire drug supply chain allows you to have a global vision of the items and the movements made.

The data collection of all drug transactions carried out at the different points of the supply chain is fully scalable and reliable and allows you to optimize revenues and costs quickly and easily.


Increased security

The digital transformation of the supply chain means achieving total visibility and transparency in the transactions and movements of articles, guaranteeing the traceability of each and every product from the origin to the final consumer.

With this vision, the levels of security for the consumer grow exponentially, also managing to generate additional trust through the use of fully accessible and transparent information from the logistics process.

Cost reduction

The impact on cost reduction with a digital supply chain is very important, since manual processes are eliminated and all article control processes are automated, guaranteeing 100% reliability.

All the processes of entry, exit and inventory control are carried out automatically, which entails a substantial improvement in the efficiency of the drug logistics chain.

In turn, being able to control expiration dates automatically using RFID avoids incurring obsolescence and its consequent losses.

Implement RFID tags on medicines

RFID labeling of medicines is very simple. The selection of the most suitable tag is made according to the size of the box and its volume. Once selected, the coded information allows to obtain a total traceability of the product throughout the distribution chain.

Validation and compliance with regulations

Another benefit of using RFID in the Pharmaceutical industry relates to validation and regulatory compliance.

In the pharmaceutical industry, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires manufacturers to keep electronic records of the entire process. The use of RFID provides reliable information on traceability of the product and proves that materials are stored in proper conditions and comply with regulations.

Benefits of using RFID for the pharmaceutical sector

  • Control of entry and exit of products
  • Stock management in real time
  • Traceability of packaging and trays with sensitive product
  • Productivity control and traceability in each process
  • Sample control and vial counting
  • Control of recirculated packaging between customer, warehouse and supplier and management of delivery cycles

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