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Supply Chain and Inventory management with RFID

Control every item with RFID

BIONIX offers a complete solution to achieve total control of each item in a unique way. Combining RFID, IoT and Artificial Intelligence it is possible to trace in real time the position of inventories throughout the supply chain.

Importance of supply chain digitization

The Cixxonia platform is an essential tool for a more efficient, more resilient and sustainable business.

Visibility, total control of the supply chain and inventories will provide you with the necessary tool to improve customer service, reduce costs and increase sales.

Cixxonia also has a specific module of circularity and sustainability, being able to offer the consumer, thanks to the RFID tags with printed QR or with NFC, all the traceability information of the product, from the raw material to the point of sale.

Optimization of logistics and inventory processes with RFID

La solución de trazabilidad de inventarios de BIONIX con la plataforma CIXXONIA permite reducir costes e incrementar drásticamente la eficiencia de toda la cadena de suministro.

Advantages of having RFID solutions for supply chain and inventory control

  • Transfers between warehouses
  • Automated inventory counts
  • Picking control and analysis
  • Verification of shipments to store
  • Verification of online shipments against customer order
  • Total traceability of shipments and merchandise
  • Product reception in store
  • Verification of entries against purchase order
  • Location of products
  • Store replenishment
  • Guided preparation and verification of online orders
  • Price verification
  • RFID as an EAS anti-theft system
  • Checkout with RFID
  • Express self-payment via RFID

RFID system for an integrated and reliable Stock in real time

Cixxonia allows real-time and reliable availability of the stock position, both globally and in each of the locations. This offers a powerful tool for efficient stock management in today’s omnichannel world.

An integrated offline-online stock management allows to be much more efficient, by being able to manage the shipment to the customer from the closest point with stock availability

An essential tool for the sustainability of your business

The Cixxonia platform collects all the information on each product throughout the supply chain, from the manufacturer of the raw material to its sale, with data on origin, composition, care instructions and circularity. You will be able to transmit to your clients in a reliable, fast and transparent way all the sustainability actions carried out for each item in particular.

Improve the supply chain with the Cixxonia Balanced Scorecard

Cixxonia offers a complete visibility of the supply chain through key management indicators.

  • Supplier performance indicators
  • Evolution of inventories in each location
  • Indicators on purchase orders and distribution orders
  • Evolution of stock in store and stock rotation
  • Inventory accuracy and periodic inventory control
  • Productivity and efficiency indicators in online shipments

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