Leading the
digital transformation
of the supply chain

Need more info Our goal is to democratize the implementation of RFID solutions in companies of any size in any sector, helping them achieve full traceability and control of all their stock, from origin to sale.

Leading the digital transformation of the Supply Chain

Our goal is to democratize the implementation of RFID solutions in companies of any size in any sector, helping them achieve full traceability and control of all their stock, from origin to sale.

The digital supply
chain revolution

We help your business to improve efficiency and productivity on a global scale by having total control of the supply chain. Thanks to our RFID solutions and the Cixxonia platform you can always know the location, identification and authenticity of every item.

Learn how BIONIX simplifies work for Supply Chain professionals around the globe optimizing inbound and outbound logistics, online sales, unified inventory management and supplier performance.


With Bionix RFID technology you will

Know the real flow of all operations

Know the real flow of all operations

You will always know where the different products are in the supply chain.
Improve your supply chain

Improve your supply chain

By digitizing your supply chain, you will improve the efficiency and productivity of your business, thus reducing operating costs and avoiding typical day-to-day errors. Real time data will give you a faster response capacity, achieving better results in situations of complexity.
Predict your customer's behavior

Predict your customer's behavior

Thanks to the information collected in real time, you can accurately predict the behavior of your customers, which will help you define better business strategies.
Increase sales

Increase sales

Having a fully integrated stock will allow you to increase your sales, both in the physical world, as it improves and speeds up the replacement of items and reduces unknown product losses, as in the online world, thanks to the reliability and accuracy of inventories.
Process customization

Process customization

Being manufacturers of all technology, both hardware and software, we can adapt to the needs of our customers and the particularities of each supply chain. Contact us and we will find the best solution for your business.
Reduce unknown product losses

Reduce unknown product losses

The optimization of the logistics processes of reception, movement and dispatch of merchandise allows to have a total traceability of the product and to control the critical points of the supply chain, reducing unknown losses and improving the reliability of the system.

RFID tools to improve supply chain efficiency and visibility

Our main objective is that all companies have full control of their supply chain, from the supplier, through the distribution center, to the store.

We rethink the way to understand, manage and optimize the flow of your items from scratch.

Our philosophy is to create disrupting technologies to add real value to our customers and bring your items to life for maximum performance, revolutionizing the supply chain .

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Our industries



We help retail companies to increase sales, reduce operating costs and optimize their supply chain warehouse and store management processes, both physically and online.


Bionix’s integrated solutions allows hospitals, clinics, pharmacies and geriatrics to track equipments and high-value assets, track and monitor patients, automate payments and improve the profitability.


Bionix Cloud Platform enables Industry 4.0. It serves the entire product life cycle, from supplier, smart manufacturing, distribution and after-sales service, connecting all items to the cloud for identification, monitoring and efficiency throughout the supply chain.

Bionix combines RFID technology, the Internet of things and Artificial Intelligence to create an entire distributed network interconnecting all the items in the supply chain.


Our solutions

RFID Solutions

RFID Solutions

We offer a complete system of RFID solutions, from hardware devices to software systems, to cover all the needs of our clients and have the critical areas of the supply chain under control, obtaining a real knowledge of their flow.
Capacity control

Capacity control

Our ABAQUS solution allows you to solve in a very easy and simple way the capacity control of your establishment.
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