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Benefits of RFID in a hospital
reduction of errors, maximum control and security

rfid en un hospital

Applying RFID technology in a hospital helps us make healthcare spaces work smarter and more efficiently, offering better results without sacrificing safety.

This technology offers the unique opportunity to have under control all types of materials with which the hospital sector works and to track their entire process. Not forgetting that RFID makes it possible to improve everything from drug administration to patient care, which has to be a priority for all companies, government entities and healthcare personnel.

Why should we implement RFID technology in a hospital?

Very clear examples can be given to verify the benefits of RFID technology in the healthcare sector.

By simply scanning an ID card, healthcare staff can identify the patient and find out what supplies they need and where they are in the hospital complex.

On the other hand, with identification through RFID technology, the risk of confusion in manual work such as medication is also reduced.

This streamlined and integrated workflow frees up your healthcare staff, improving your patient care.

RFID solutions in a hospital: Cases and benefits

In the field of health, RFID systems have great advantages in the general management of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes and health centers. The RFID system has four main uses in the healthcare field: Control of medical supplies, patient control, drug control and personnel access control to restricted areas.

Control of hospital material

All those materials that are used during interventions, both by professionals and patients, both textiles and surgical or patient care materials need to carry out rigorous hygiene and sterilization. To control it, RFID tags are the best solution since they allow these movements to be recorded and, in addition, thanks to their robustness, they can be used in complicated environments, such as hospitals, without damaging them.

One of the great uses of RFID technology in the hospital sector is custody cabinets, in which high-value materials are stored. Thanks to these cabinets that integrate RFID technology, it is possible to control the access of healthcare personnel to it and give the necessary permits, store safely, have an updated inventory, complete traceability and ease of use.

And this access control is also necessary in the COVID-19 era that we are living. With RFID technology, we will be able to know both the exact location of the material at all times and its quantity, without the need to physically record it.

By inventorying with RFID we can reduce the time and obtain relevant information about the product that allows it to be withdrawn at that precise moment.

Control of patients

The patient from the moment he enters the health center door until he leaves, carries a label with a unique code, which allows knowing both his status and the medication that has been administered as well as the interventions that have been necessary.

This minimizes possible human errors and every detail is recorded on a label that every healthcare professional will have access to and must read before taking any type of action. Technology facilitates this work in sectors where we find so much staff turnover.

In addition to patient control, we can also use RFID technology to monitor the traceability of the analyzes, such as: monitoring of the processes carried out for clinical analyzes, monitoring of blood bags, control of culture processes in laboratories …

Medication control

With a simple gesture such as applying the reader to the RFID tag, the medical professional will know everything they need about a medicine instantly. Therefore, all those reports or medicines that have an RFID tag will have all the data registered, which can be updated at the moment, which allows to drastically reduce errors and obtain information in real time, from any point.

That is why they are widely used in pharmacies and hospital laboratories.

Access control to restricted areas

The RFID control of access to restricted areas is carried out through wristbands or cards with RFID chips that the worker carries and that by means of an RFID reader, by approximation, allows access to that person to certain areas.

In hospitals, RFID technology allows more efficient monitoring of access to restricted areas, as well as control and monitoring of healthcare personnel. Among its multiple functionalities, the RFID solutions devised by Bionix Technologies make it possible to quantify the cost of healthcare personnel, the different service hours and analyze the time spent on patient care to increase efficiency.

An interesting application of RFID technology in hospitals lies in the control and monitoring of health personnel in certain areas, such as restricted areas. Bionix Technologies solutions allow full customization depending on personnel and healthcare needs.

If you want to know in what other sectors you can implement RFID technology and what advantages and benefits it has, in our blog post we tell you all the details. Without forgetting that in the COVID-19 era, in the healthcare sector especially, it is important to have the supply chain and all those delicate actions that can be improved and facilitated by RFID technology under control, you can know in detail how they apply in this post blog.

And remember that at Bionix Technologies we have the best RFID solutions for your company. We adapt to your needs to start automating your business. If you want to know our devices… Enter our website!

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