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Logistics digitization with RFID
How to optimize your resources and be more competitive

Digitalización logística

Every business should aim to improve productivity and increase sales, but also important aspects such as savings and control of its infrastructures must be added.

That’s where the automation / digitization of processes comes into play, especially in sales, to increase control and therefore productivity.

When we talk about automating or digitizing we refer to having optimized tasks such as receipt of purchases, issuance of orders for the preparation of sales orders, relocation of stock, transfers between logistics platforms … To help us carry out these tasks in an appropriate way and reduce errors and costs, there are management solutions that help us throughout the process.

Without going any further, as customers one of the most annoying situations is that the stock is not updated on the web and, for that reason, many businesses (especially those that have an important activity within the logistics sector) join digitization to optimize and increase their capacity – and their sales.

What do they get? Improve the customer experience and optimize business resources.

Although it may seem complex to achieve, this is where logistics digitization comes into play and the importance of RFID technology to facilitate management. From Bionix we want to show you how RFID technology is what your business needs to increase revenue, reduce costs and have everything under control without major efforts.

In what areas can you digitize your business?

RFID technology can improve the day-to-day life of these three areas: Warehouse Management, Plant Logistics, and Shipping and Distribution Logistics.

Warehouse management

The first thing we will do is digitize the stocks: from their excesses, volumes, types … With this we guarantee the correct identification of materials and merchandise, in addition to having their movements in and out of the warehouse controlled. Having total control of what we have in our warehouse is essential to avoid incurring errors and therefore losses.

Automating is also useful for prioritizing operations within the warehouse.

Intelligent management in Intralogistics

The first steps towards an intelligent optimization of the logistics of the manufacturing plant (intralogistics) are the analysis and data collection that allow us to generate knowledge to automate logistics flows; in addition, of course, to standardize the processes that revolve around the supply plans.

The task of optimizing and digitizing intralogistics requires extensive and detailed knowledge of the processes and systems that the logistics sector in question brings together.

Having total control, for example, of circulating elements can help to greatly reduce intralogistics costs.

Shipping and distribution logistics

Automation is the goal of shipping and distribution logistics. Picking and dispatch processes and insufficient control of order / delivery work are common factors that demand digitization in logistics.

Prioritizing deliveries by controlling the stock, managing the distribution of reception / delivery with evaluation systems and the selection regarding inventories are some of the key elements when digitizing the logistics sector.

Now, how are we going to digitize it? How are we going to achieve everything we have seen in the previous points?

Thanks to RFID technology. We can implement this technology in our business – and more specifically in the logistics sector – allowing us to even reduce operating costs.

Why RFID technology?

RFID technology allows the automated identification of products, which speeds up the identification of products in accounting and stock verification in shipments, receptions and in the warehouse.

It does not require a visual field to make the identification effective (unlike the barcode), which allows the realization of readings without the need to depalletize or open boxes.

For this reason, more than half of the RFID tags that are consumed are destined for the logistics sector, since they can satisfy needs such as traceability, security and marketing. But RFID is not only suitable for logistics, but also for sectors such as the healthcare industry or even the hospitality industry.

Here you can check the sectors in which you can apply RFID technology.

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Benefits of RFID in logistics

Using RFID technology in the logistics sector has multiple benefits or advantages that we can differentiate according to whether we direct our attention to manufacturers, distributors or retailers.

If we focus on priority activities for manufacturers, RFID would help us to:

• Improve customer service,

• The optimization of processes,

• Faster billing,

• Streamline shipping documents and

• Automate, in general, processes.

In aspects related to distribution we would have:

• Greater precision in shipments,

• Faster and more reliable deliveries,

• Controlled traceability of products and processes and

• Saving, in short, higher costs.

And, finally, in a retail field there is also room for RFID technology applied to the digitization of the logistics sector:

• Improving processes,

• Reducing stock breakages,

• Improving customer service with greater security and

• Lower costs.

As we have seen, keeping a digital control of, for example, the inventory of your warehouse has numerous advantages, among which the following stand out: The improvement of processes, the saving of time and costs and the improvement of the customer experience.

If you want to continue expanding information on the use or application of RFID technology in the logistics sector or in warehouses, in this post we give you all the information you need.

And remember that at Bionix Technologies we have the best RFID solutions for your company. We adapt to your needs to start automating your business. If you want to know our devices… Visit our website!

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