RFID solutions to improve the automotive sector traceability

rfid en automoción

Traceability is a very important concept, especially in large industrial sectors, such as the automobile industry. Automotive RFID has many advantages that you can take advantage of to improve productivity, assembly line times and manage stock.

Find out what traceability is and how RFID technology in the automotive industry helps to optimize your supply chain 100% with Bionix Technologies.

RFID traceability for automotive

In the Bionix Technologies blog we have already talked about what product traceability is, but this time we want to focus on what traceability is like in the automotive industry and what are the best solutions for companies working in this sector.

As you can read in our article, which we recommend if you need to dig deeper, traceability is the real-time identification of raw materials, materials and final products throughout the supply chain.

In the automotive sector, traceability is very important due to the large number of components that are needed to make a single product, the need to identify which items we require for the customized configurations of each client and also, to improve relationships with our suppliers.

RFID in the automotive industry, the technology that helps you obtain total traceability

The implementation of RFID technology in the automotive industry allows full traceability during all phases or stages of the production process, something that is not possible with other technologies.

To be able to use RFID technology in the automotive sector, special RFID tags are needed adapted to withstand high temperatures, extreme treatment conditions and that do not interfere with radio frequency waves in contact with metal.

Where are these tags used and how does RFID work?

Component supplier

Each and every component that goes into an automotive factory has a RFID tag like the one we have mentioned. In this way, all the items are correctly identified, which allows us to redistribute each of the elements that we need and must manage to manufacture the final product.

In short, the information on the tags allows us to know its location, its useful life, whether it has been subjected to any prior process and how many of these types of parts we have available at all times in our factory.


Automation during the manufacturing process thanks to RFID technology in the automotive industry allows controlling the entries of goods from suppliers and the packaging of parts, making easy the recirculation in the plant.

RFID in the automotive industry makes it possible to avoid errors in the collation of components during the final assembly, something very important in such a competitive sector.

The multiple variations that can be found within the same factory and within the same model make it necessary for employees to know and quickly identify the characteristics of each vehicle to optimize production times. Something that is possible with RFID.


In a sector as competitive as the automobile sector, it is very important to reduce logistics times as much as possible and deliver correctly to dealers and the end customer.

This is possible thanks to RFID, which by identifying the items allows us to view all the data on logistics flows at all times on the same cloud platform.

Authorised dealer

The vehicles, once finished, are at the dealership, where it is also very important to check whether they are already sold or not, to which customer they belong or what their characteristics and variants are compared to others.

RFID solutions from Bionix Technologies

At Bionix Technologies we have many RFID solutions that you can start using in your supply chain. We combine Artificial Intelligence, RFID and IoT to achieve full traceability of products in the supply chain and manage inventories.

All the data that our technology collects is saved in Cixxonia, the cloud platform of Bionix Technologies, where we can visualize and optimize the workflows of our automotive factory.

Learn about some of the top automotive gadgets, RFID software, and the Scanppy mobile app.

Automotive RFID: RFID Devices

At Bionix we have the best RFID devices for the automotive sector. Whether you have a factory, or if you manufacture components or manage a logistics center that works in this sector, at Bionix we adapt and offer you the best solutions.

With the RFID portal or the RFID tunnel you can identify a large number of tags and products simultaneously. These devices can connect with Cixxonia, the Bionix cloud platform, to have all the data in the cloud.

Cixxonia, the essential software for the automotive sector.

Cixxonia allows managing multiple processes in the supply chain in all sectors. In the case of the automotive sector, Cixxonia streamlines relationships with suppliers, by having the necessary information in real time and monitoring each of the phases of the supply chain.

• Relations with suppliers. The automotive industry needs a lot of components from different suppliers even for the same car model. Cixxonia facilitates the management and relationship with suppliers, avoiding errors and optimizing times.

• Information in real time. At Cixxonia we have all the information collected from the supply chain. This real-time and reliable information allows us to manage any type of problem that may arise.

• Monitor the phases of the supply chain. With Cixxonia we can define some KPI’s or key indicators that allow us to monitor and analyze results. This way we can make the supply chain more efficient or detect errors to optimize it.

Scanppy, the mobile application for your supply chain

Scannpy is the tool that allows encoding RFID tags with the information that each company needs according to their needs or those of the client. Scannpy also allows the quick identification of each tag in the logistics centers or in the warehouse.

In case of loss, with the handheld device we locate the item to which the tag belongs and we can put it back in its place. In addition, Scanppy is integrated with Cixxonia, so we can count thousands of articles in minutes and update data in the cloud quickly.

Don’t hesitate, contact Bionix Technologies now and start improving and optimizing your supply chain operations. You will save time, money and you will get greater satisfaction from your customers. At Bionix we are here to help you get it.

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