5 reasons to use industrial automation


Still wondering if industrial automation could benefit your business? At Bionix we have 5 reasons to use industrial automation. Start revolutionizing your supply chain!

Industrial automation

Industrial automation is the application of technology to industrial, logistics and sales processes to carry out repetitive processes automatically, reducing human intervention and errors.

In our post on the importance of industrial automation you have a lot of information about what it is, what types of automation exist and how we can apply this technique in our company.

5 reasons to use automation

There are several reasons to use industrial automation, depending on the sector in which we implement the software, RFID technology, robots or machines necessary for each company or supply chain, although the benefits are used to be the same.

Routine processes

In sectors where manufacturing, logistics or processes within the store or point of sale are very similar, almost repetitive, industrial automation brings many benefits.

Automation reduces or eliminates human intervention in processes that add no value to the production chain, freeing your staff from these tasks to carry out others where it is important to have your workers.

Cost savings

Industrial automation allows savings in:

Raw Materials. Being such a measured and precise process, technology makes the company optimize the amount of raw materials needed, using the right amounts without losing product quality, something that would not be possible with human intervention.

Personal expenses. Companies that use automation have fewer staff, although generally more qualified to manage and optimize the machines or technology involved in the supply chain.

More security

Workers in a company with a high level of industrial automation are better protected against accidents at work. The tasks related to the handling of heavy machines or heavy materials no longer have to be carried out by your employees, creating a safer work environment.

Increase efficiency and quality

If cost savings mean a decrease in quality, for many companies instead of being a benefit it would be a competitive disadvantage compared to their competitors. But in addition to saving, the products have a qualitative leap in quality thanks to the amount of data that technology collects.

Availability anywhere

The automation of processes derived from the use of technology with devices and platforms in the cloud provides a high availability of data anywhere, with the possibility of detecting and managing any errors or problems.

In a networked environment, centralized management also makes sense. Remote resources can solve business problems when a single operator observes critical functions across the network through a central console.

Industrial automation using RFID

There are a number of leading sectors where RFID is very important to automate processes. One of them is the automotive sector, where it is increasingly common to implement RFID solutions throughout the production process, while the retail sector is one of those that has adapted its supply chain the fastest.

Automotive and RFID

Major brands in the motor industry such as BMW, Audi or Mercedes already implement RFID solutions in their production chain, either in its entirety or in certain processes.

The automotive sector is an excellent environment to use RFID technology, due to the type of products it markets. Car models do not change from one day to the next, so the cost of RFID solutions is very cheap and brings many benefits.

Total traceability of every item. All products entering the factory are classified using RFID tags. Thus, each material and component is accounted and located, something very important for very large factories when it comes to managing their items or for small factories that cannot have a large amount of stored products.

Traceability of the final product and its elements. RFID tags collect the components used in the manufacture of the vehicle, very useful for stock management, but also for logistics. In vehicles chosen à la carte, the customer receives the product as he had configured it at his destination and the RFID tag incorporates all this information.

RFID, through cloud platforms such as Cixxonia, allows managing all the data collected during production to have the real stock in real time and the recirculation of packaging, very common in this sector.

You can discover more information about the possibilities offered by RFID in the automotive sector in our post about the sectors where to implement RFID solutions.

Retail and RFID

Retail is one of the sectors that has adapted its supply chain the fastest to RFID solutions. It is very important in this sector for the total traceability of the products, beneficial both for the company and for the most demanding customers with the purchase of sustainable products.

As in the automotive sector, in retail, total control and integration of your online store with the physical store is crucial to offer a good, omnichannel, fast and error-free service to your customers.

From the raw material supplier to the finished product, the materials used to make the product are continuously identified by RFID tags. This tag will also contain a QR code that gives access to all the information about the product so that customers can check all this information on their mobile phone.

In this sector, RFID also facilitates logistics processes in the distribution center. Using RFID devices from Bionix Technologies we can identify all products quickly and without errors.

Benefits of RFID automation

Regardless the sector, RFID allows you to automate processes to obtain multiple benefits:

Reduction of errors. RFID allows you to measure, check and greatly optimize your supply chain, reducing errors.

Time and cost savings. Reduction of work time in repetitive and management processes by staff, reducing costs.

Full control over the stock. RFID makes it possible to identify each product, check its expiration date and quantify the stock.

Increased security. Both within the company in the performance of daily tasks and for the client, thanks to the information contained in the tags.

At Bionix Technologies we adapt to your needs. If you want to implement the best RFID solutions, contact us. You won’t regret the benefits of automating your supply chain. Contact now!

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