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NFC: what is it and what is it for?

Although NFC has more and more applications in daily life, it is a wireless technology that has been around for several years. Do you want to know what NFC is and what it is for? At Bionix Technologies we tell you everything about it. NFC, what is it? The term NFC stands for Near Field […]

Importance of RFID tagging in the retail sector

The use of RFID technology in the retail sector brings with it many advantages for companies, regardless of their size. Tagging garments or materials used in manufacturing helps to have total control of all items, identify them and offer full traceability and transparency to the customer. More and more companies in the retail sector are […]

5 reasons to use industrial automation

Still wondering if industrial automation could benefit your business? At Bionix we have 5 reasons to use industrial automation. Start revolutionizing your supply chain! Industrial automation Industrial automation is the application of technology to industrial, logistics and sales processes to carry out repetitive processes automatically, reducing human intervention and errors. In our post on the […]

How RFID technology helps you to manage your eCommerce

Nowadays, more and more people is shopping online. The situation caused by the Coronavirus has changed our shopping habits, risen dramatically the online shop. With many of the non-essential stores closed, mobility restrictions or simply to avoid contact with other people, many customers choose to buy from home. Having an e-commerce is a challenge for […]
Implementando un proyecto RFID

Implementation of an RFID project

Lately we have heard a lot about RFID technology, as well as the advantages in supply chain management, traceability, reduced operating costs and the financial impact of having total control over all the stock of any organization. The problem begins when many companies do not know where to start an RFID project, which can be […]

Bionix Certificates & Awards

Certificados ISO 9001 e ISO 14001 de Bionix Technologies Bionix  Technologies obtiene el certificado Pyme Innovadora otorgado por el Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación de España Bionix Technologies gana la IV Edición de los premios PEL Diputación de A Coruña

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