Importance of RFID tagging in the retail sector


The use of RFID technology in the retail sector brings with it many advantages for companies, regardless of their size. Tagging garments or materials used in manufacturing helps to have total control of all items, identify them and offer full traceability and transparency to the customer.

More and more companies in the retail sector are directing their business model towards new practices to offer greater satisfaction and add value to the customer offering more information about the product the purchase.

At Bionix we know the importance of RFID tagging and that is why we have high-tech RFID tags and the best solutions for reading them. Discover what we can offer you!

RFID tags and their importance in the retail sector

RFID tags encode a large amount of data and information that can be read with RFID devices like the ones we offer at Bionix Technologies.

Do you want more information about RFID tags? In our blog we have another post where we explain what RFID tags are and what they are for. It will help you distinguish between the types of tags that exist and choose the most appropriate for your company.

Tagging is very important and beneficial in the retail sector.

Reduce inventory time and logistics operations

Compared to barcodes, RFID tags have two main advantages.

Items tagged using RFID technology can be identified automatically, without the need for contact reading, and in large volume, while items bearing the traditional barcode must be identified by scanning one by one.

RFID tags are more reliable than barcodes because they ensure a 100% real location within the supply chain, both in the warehouse and during the logistics process.

Stock provisioning

With RFID we gain reliability in the count of products that we have available in the warehouse or store, avoiding stock breakages.

RFID tags and cloud platforms such as Cixxonia, from Bionix Technologies, allow full integration of ecommerce with the physical store.

Add value to the customer

The advantages of using RFID are not only for the company due to cost reduction and time savings in routine processes, they are also for the customer, who will improve their shopping experience and general satisfaction with your service and the purchase process that you offer.

Customers value much, and more and more, all the information that can be offered to them about the products they are buying. All that information can be contained in the RFID tag. If your customers read the QR code on the RFID tag, they will consult all the information about the product through a web page. They can consult the entire production process, with data of origin, composition, care instructions and ways to promote the circularity of the product.

If you want to know why customers value this functionality more and more, you can consult our post on the importance of sustainability and transparency.

Shipping errors or losses

RFID tags allow full product traceability and this has an impact on reliability for the company and the customer. RFID reduces supplier errors, clerical errors and theft by more than 50%, both internally and externally.

Our cloud platform has a specific module for ecommerce that allows to verify that the shipments are correct, without generating an erroneous order, with the corresponding logistics and human costs that it would entail for the company.

Sales increase

RFID is a technology that is capable of adapting through customizations to each supply chain, obtaining the best results for each client, reducing labor costs and generating reliability that results in increased sales.

Industrial automation in the retail sector

You will wonder how the automatic reading of the products is carried out. Staff install the RFID tag on each item and once the items are identified they can be read with various RFID devices and solutions.

At Bionix Technologies we have a wide range of products that allow the identification and control of products:

  • RFID tunnel. It allows to read and identify a large number of tags in logistics processes.
  • RFID portal. Designed for identification and control in specific areas such as loading docks, doors and movements within the warehouse.
  • RFID desktop device. Its function is to identify the items that are in bags and boxes.
  • RFID handheld device. Agile and effective tool for managing stock in the warehouse and store.
  • Point of sale device. It makes it possible to speed up the time of sale, reducing waiting times by identifying the items to be paid for.
  • Xinoid RFID reader. Open application ecosystem that allows a developer to implement the specific needs of their supply chain.
  • RFID cabinet. Device for inventory management with access control.

We have different variants and options for each of these devices that allow us to adjust to the needs of each client.

Our RFID handheld device allows integration with the Scanppy mobile application, an app that allows stock management in an agile and efficient way in the warehouse and in the store. With it we can control the entry and shipments of items, the replenishment, the count in the warehouse, the location and the identification of items.

Cixxonia platform from Bionix Technologies

The retail sector is one of those that most takes advantage of the functionalities and services offered by the Cixxonia platform, a cloud software that collects and manages all the data obtained from applying RFID technology at certain points in the supply chain.

Anywhere we can access the data collected in Cixxonia, which allows us to manage operations flows and optimize processes inside and outside the company. So we can keep an exhaustive control of all operations and have a consolidated inventory.

These benefits are not the only ones offered by Cixxonia. You can control the KPIs to take advantage of the information, identify errors in the orders, reprocesses and incidents to achieve your objectives.

Still wondering if RFID can revolutionize your supply chain? At Bionix Technologies we are experts in helping companies optimize their tasks and increase their profits. Contact us!

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