How to improve your supply chain with RFID?

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Improving the supply chain of an industry or a company reduces work times and costs and consequently improves profitability. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to think, design and execute an efficient plan. Something as simple or as complicated as studying the needs, the improvements points, the ways to satisfy those needs and the action plan to apply involving your workforce.

Nowadays there are technologies that greatly facilitate these improvements and are adapted to all kind of companies: affordable, easy to implement among the workforce and that allow the results to be measured to detect new needs and apply improvements.

The supply chain, in its classic definition, is the set of activities, facilities and means of distribution necessary to sell a product and achieve customer satisfaction. As you can see, it is a process that involves from the supply of a raw material to make a product to the after-sales service of that item. And since it is a chain, it needs each link to fulfill its function in a certain time to be efficient and avoid stock breakages, delivery delays and other problems that in the end are summarized in costs or losses.

Advantages of improving the supply chain

Surely if you have had or have been affected by a problem like the ones we just mentioned, you will know what are the advantages of improving the supply chain. Sure?

Basically, failures in the supply chain occur due to lack or excess of stock, due to delay in the deliveries of a product or due to the lack of information in real time that allows us to solve these problems  faster. Let’s see the advantages of avoiding them.

  • • Cost effectiveness. If you have an efficient supply chain, you will reduce the costs of having to solve unforeseen events on the fly.
  • • Control and analysis: If your supply chain is under control in real time, you will be able to make decisions to improve processes and anticipate incidents that may occur.
  • • Competitiveness: If your company is more efficient it will be more competitive and thus it will attract new customers and be able to compete with better prices within your sector.
  • • Better customer service: Offering a quality and reliable service is the best way for your customers to be loyal, repeat and recommend you.
  • • Better work environment. If your supply chain is orderly, there will be fewer problems between departments and workers. And this always increases profits.

What can RFID do to improve your supply chain?

Whatever the sector you work for or the size of your company, you have your own supply chain, with suppliers and distributors, and at the same time, it is involved in a more global supply chain.

RFID technology is the perfect ally to make that chain and the whole process flow. As we already told you in our Blog, RFID is a technology that allows a large amount of data to be stored on a small label that identifies an object with a unique code, such as a barcode. Sometimes it still seems incredible to us that in a chip of an RFID tag, the size of a sticker, we can concentrate that much information. And how that information is transmitted by radio frequency, without the need of a scan, direct vision, just a reader who collects the information by radio frequency. That is how you can make a massive reading and at the same time of numerous labels and products.

As you may have guessed, identifying each product with a unique, automatic reading label, which can also be connected to your accounting or ERP program, stock and inventory management systems, and knowing where that item is at all times makes everything much easier. the job. This is how big brands in sectors with as many logistics needs as retail have understood it, that have implemented RFID technologies several years ago to revolutionize their supply chains. At Bionix Technologies we have solutions for all kinds and sizes of business, adapted to your needs.

Advantages of Bionix Technologies RFID devices

As mentioned before, applying RFID technology to improve your supply chain has enormous advantages. These are the ones we offer you at Bionix Technologies:

     • Easy installation and integration in your company: We adapt the technology to your business.

     • Reading of numerous articles at once and in a matter of seconds, which allows verifying incoming and outgoing goods.

     • Reading articles without the need for physical contact and regardless of the position of the item.

     • Save time and costs, eliminating unknown losses and saving time and resources in carrying out inventory.

     • Obtaining reliable and real-time data that allow the total traceability of the articles and control the stock in real time.

     • Personalization of processes.

     • Improves resource management.

Steps in improving your logistics and the operation of your company with RFID

Analysis. Information is power

Before installing a system to improve your supply chain you have to analyze the starting point. Sure you have identified some problems, talk to your team or designate someone to do it and listen to the different perspectives to try to know the problems of each department. The objective is to identify points for improvement, downtimes that help you prioritize and design an action plan with urgent needs.

Technology. Neither more nor less than what you need

At Bionix Technologies we have RFID devices and solutions adapted to each business. We will help you find the technology that best suits your company and we will advise you to develop your action plan successfully

Deployment. Comprehensive and personalized solution

At Bionix Technologies we design, develop and manufacture the hardware, devices and the software we need to offer a comprehensive and customized solution to our clients. We combine RFID technology with Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in devices that are easy to use for you and your team.

Evaluation. Measure to be more efficient.

Once you get real information from your supply chain, new needs will emerge and you are likely to discover gaps that you had not detected. The data will allow you to make decisions, optimize processes and anticipate to avoid incidents. To sum up, technology will allow you to spend more time thinking and planning and less time solving problems.

Supply chain and RFID. The numbers

You may be wondering by now how much of what you read can be translated into numbers. At Bionix Technologies we still do not know your case, but we have the figures of some of our clients in the Retail sector:

Bionix figures

Do not hesitate to contact us and request any information you need to start revolutionizing your supply chain.

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