Sectors where to implement RFID solutions, what is it for?


RFID solutions are available for many sectors, but they mainly stand out in four: Retail, healthcare, industry and automotive. The implementation of RFID solutions automates and facilitates inventory management, reduces errors and allows full stock control, among many other advantages.

Do you want to know how RFID solutions help in these sectors?


The retail sector is one of those that has taken the most advantage of RFID technology in recent years. RFID solutions are applied throughout the entire production chain, from the raw material supplier to the store, through the manufacturer and distribution center.

The Cixxonia platform by Bionix Technologies collects and stores all the information available in the production process. Product traceability is one of the most valued advantages by customers when purchasing clothing or any other item. Therefore, Cixxonia is one of the best solutions in the fashion retail sector for the client and the companies.

You can learn more about RFID solutions in the retail sector and how our platform works in our post.


In the healthcare sector, RFID systems have great advantages in the general management of hospitals, clinics, pharmacies, nursing homes and health centers. The RFID system has three main uses in the healthcare field: Control of medical supplies, patient control and access control of personnel to restricted areas.

Control of sanitary material

RFID devices collect and store information in real time to facilitate consultation of information on drugs and other assets such as appliances, prostheses and operating room material.

The RFID tags attached to these products store a large amount of information available for consultation, such as the expiration dates of drugs and the traceability of certain assets.

Using RFID also makes inventory easier. Thanks to automatic identification, times are reduced and information is obtained in real time that will improve stock management and guarantee patient safety.

Patient control

Control of medical supplies is not the only advantage of RFID for healthcare. RFID solutions make it easy to identify and monitor patients. Which translates into improved management and a more efficient and precise way of working.

The patient’s history is automatically updated in real time, reducing administrative work and avoiding errors. Each patient gets their medicines dosed and the treatments applied in an automated way thanks to RFID solutions.

Control of personnel and access to restricted areas

Bionix Technologies provides its customers with simple solutions for personnel control and access to restricted areas. The RFID access control to restricted areas is carried out through wristbands or cards with RFID chips that the worker carries and that thanks to an RFID reader, by approximation, allows access to that person to certain areas.

In hospitals, RFID technology makes it possible to more efficiently monitor access to restricted areas, as well as control and monitoring of healthcare personnel. Among its multiple functionalities, the RFID solutions designed by Bionix Technologies make it possible to quantify the cost of healthcare personnel, the different hours of attention and analyze the time of attention to patients in order to increase their efficiency.

An interesting application of RFID technology in hospitals is the control and monitoring of health personnel in certain areas, such as restricted areas. Bionix Technologies solutions allow full customization depending on personnel and healthcare needs.


RFID solutions allow industrial automation of manufacturing processes. RFID technology will improve the efficiency and productivity of production centers and the logistics chain, in addition to allowing validation and compliance with regulations.


The use of RFID technology in industry makes it possible to automate and optimize processes. In this way, productivity is improved, since manufacturing times are reduced, the use of labor that does not add value to the product is minimized, errors are avoided and the management of the production process is improved.

Bionix RFID devices allow knowing the total traceability of the product, its components and all the points and processes through which the item has passed. In case of errors or incidents, the reaction time to solve it is reduced, since it is easier to identify where it has occurred.

As in the healthcare field, RFID technology adapts to the needs of the industrial sector for the identification and control of personnel. In this way, the access of personnel to restricted areas or those that require special permission can be restricted.


The transport, handling and receipt of products is a very important part of the supply chain. RFID solutions bring multiple advantages to logistics such as the identification of a large number of items automatically, the reduction of labor requirements, reduced shipping times and errors.

On an international scale, RFID helps logistics chains achieve perfect synchronization and ensures that items are not lost at loading docks or warehouses. This makes the logistics chain more effective and simple, while significantly reducing costs and losses.

In short, the use of RFID in logistics allows to streamline processes, increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs in your distribution chain.

Compliance with regulations

The use of RFID in industry enables validation and regulatory compliance in sectors where manufacturers require electronic records. An example is the US pharmaceutical industry and controls carried out by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The use of RFID provides reliable information on the traceability of the product, proving that the materials are stored in the correct conditions and comply with the regulations.


It is one of the sectors in which the production phases are slower compared to others such as retail due to the type of product they handle. That is why many multinational companies know that RFID solutions are the key in the supply chain and are beginning to apply RFID tags and devices.

RFID technology brings many benefits during component receiving, manufacturing and intralogistics from the factory.


The need for components for different product lines poses a challenge when it comes to classifying materials, paints or elements necessary for final assembly. That is why RFID solutions cover the identification of all raw materials quickly and accurately so that, with the reading of the RFID tag, the products can be stored or placed in the most efficient way for the manufacturer.


With all products classified, the high industrial automation derived from the application of RFID technologies allows to check without human intervention how the different vehicle models are being manufactured or if a specific car is being assembled with the specifications that the client has requested in the concessionaire.

The vehicles can have multiple variations according to the demands of the buyer. RFID tags make it possible to identify the characteristics of each vehicle in order to process it accordingly and to stop the production chain in case of errors.

And we must bear in mind that RFID solutions are ideal for this task, as they offer multiple connection possibilities and great flexibility when integrating into a production system with high demands due to atmospheric conditions and chemical materials used during the chain of production.


Once the product is finished, RFID solutions allow us to manage the stock in an automated way, as well as to manage the components that we are using during assembly to manage replacement.

In short, RFID solutions in the automotive sector entail a higher level of industrial automation in all areas, with an increase in profits due to the reduction of errors, the stabilization of the production process and greater transparency in the management of stocks and costs.

Do you want to know more about these sectors and what RFID solutions we have for you? Check our website and you will find all the information you need.

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