What is RFID and how does it work?

Qué es RFID y para qué sirve.

RFID technology has revolutionized the supply chain of multiple companies and industries in recent decades. And this has been possible because it allows to automate the stock management and inventory and control both, products that arrive and those that leave the company, shop, medical center, pharmacy or any organization.

But do you know what RFID is and how it works? At Bionix we are specialists in the implementation of systems based on this technology, besides the fact that RFID has been with us for several decades, it was not until the 21st century when its true utility was revealed. So we are going to explain you what it is.

What is RFID?

RFID is the acronym for Radio Frequency Identification. Behind these acronyms that define what RFID allows is a technology capable of storing, recovering and re-recording an immense amount of data (up to four million characters and thousands of bytes) on a small chip and transmitting them through radio waves or radio frequency.

A code for each product

RFID also allows a unique Electronic Product Code (EPC) for each product to be added to that chip. That is why the first industries to incorporate RFID technology were those with a high volume of movement of products or goods such as retail, because the technology identifies and locates each of the items, whether they are of the same type, model, size or color.

But also, as it is automatic, the transmission of information is absolutely secure. This avoids almost 100% errors in the identification of a product, a key issue in businesses with sensitive goods, such as the pharmaceutical or healthcare sector.

Fast and secure transmission

RFID is, in short, a wireless communication system between a transmitter and a receiver. The peculiarity of this system is that thanks to technological developments such as those of Bionix Technologies for the world of logistics, it allows to record, store and transmit a huge amount of data automatically in seconds and incorporate them in real time into the management programs of companies or organizations.

Unlike other identification systems such as the barcode, one of the greatest advances that RFID technology has brought with it is that it allows a massive reading without physical contact between the sender and the receiver, and with complete reliability. It is capable of inventorying each one of the items on a pallet, even if it is surrounded by meters and meters of plastic and the information cannot be deciphered or manipulated by third parties.

For all this, RFID is the technology that best ensures the traceability of any kind of object and has been a real revolution in the supply chain  anagement, especially useful in the current situation derived from Covid-19.

How does RFID Technology work?

All this theoretical information it is ok but what does it mean in practice? How does RFID technology work and what are the advantages? To explain it better, we will talk first about the components of technology.

An RFID system is composed of at least:

     • An RFID smart tag with a chip that stores product information and an antenna to transmit it.

     • An RFID reader that extracts the information from the tag and sends it to the data processing system.

     • An RFID Middleware or data processing system that collects information and transmits it to the organization’s management programs as an ERP.

RFID technology has a very simple operation. The reader sends a radio frequency signal that activates a request for information to the label or labels of the established range of action. These labels send the information by radio frequency to the reader, who interprets it and in some cases edits it to add information on the traceability of the product before sending it to the data processing system.

This RFID Middleware acts as a link for all components and is responsible for incorporating the information collected into the organization’s management system.

And the best thing is that this whole process takes a few seconds, much less than it took us to explain it to you.

There are different types of cards and readers, depending on the needs of the organization in which they are going to be implemented. At Bionix Technologies, we have different devices adapted to each need that we also customize to respond to the requirements of each client, whether it is a large company or a small business.

What applications does RFID technology have?

Radio frequency identification technology has multiple applications and uses, thanks to the fact that the labels are small in size and can be attached or integrated into almost any object, even a living being.

Precisely for this reason, it is a technology that is present in our lives and our environment, probably much more than you imagine. Here are some of the common uses of RFID:

     • Credit cards

     • Pet identification microchips

     • Cattle microchips

     • Labels for all kinds of consumer items (food, clothing, medicine, etc.)

     • Payment methods

     • Stores

     • Pharmacy

     • Health and geriatric centers

     • Industries

     • Logistics centers

     • Capacity control in buildings and establishments

Advantages of RFID technology

At Bionix Technologies we are specialists in RFID and in manufacturing disruptive technologies, which combine RFID, Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things to interconnect all elements of the supply chain. We offer a comprehensive solution.

We are currently present in sectors such as retail, health and industry and we have solutions that allow you to improve efficiency, reduce costs and increase sales. These are some of the advantages of our systems:

     • Easy installation and integration.

     • Reading of multiple articles in a matter of seconds.

     • Time and cost savings.

     • Reliable and real-time data.

     • Total traceability of each of the items throughout the supply chain.

     • Reduction of unknown loss.

     • Adaptation of technology to your business.

     • Personalization of processes.

     • Improves resource management.

The automation of merchandise control allows you not only to save time but also to improve your customers experience, which results in an increase of sales and profits. If you want to know our experience in the retail sector, do not miss our video on how RFID works. Digitize your supply chain and benefit from all its advantages.

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